All of my goodies are lovingly hand-crafted with attention to detail – and nothing but the best quality ingredients.

Orders can be placed in batches as per below Price List

Can deliver in and around Edinburgh Locality though may be a delivery charge – or you can pick up, get in touch to discuss.

Price List

Eclairs – from £23.50 (for 5)

Millionaires Shortbread – £35.00 (for 12 slices)

Brownies (flavour agreed on order) – from £25.00 (for 6)

Scones – from £12.50 (for 5)

Scones with clotted cream and homemade Jam – £15.00 (for 5)

Cupcakes (toppings agreed on order) – from £25.00 (for 6)

Tartlets (fresh fruit & crème patisserie) – 25.00 (for 6)

Mini Kugelhopfs – £17.50  (for 5)

Croquenbouche (30x Profiteroles stack) – £50.00

Cheesecakes – from £40.00

Traditional birthday cakes – On Agreement

Variety of other bakes and options available, please see my Instagram page or get in touch!

You can download my Price List HERE

Custom orders accepted via Facebook Blog Page or Contact Page

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